How To Use The DealExtreme iPhone Zoom Attachment

Using the DealExtreme iPhone Zoom Attachment will significantly improve your iPhone's camera abilities. The Conice Zoom Lens adds a 6x optical zoom ability to your zoom-less 2MP camera, thus giving you the chance to take those distance shots you've always dreamed of (or even incredible Macro shots).

Tools You Need

  • iPhone (any generation)
  • Conice 6x18 Zoom Attachment Kit

Getting the Conice 6x18 Zoom Attachment Kit

The Conice 6x18 Zoom Attachment Kit is available on the Internet. It's sold on multiple gadget sites, and it can be yours for a price tag of approximately $13.

The Conice 6x18 Zoom Attachment Kit consists of a scope, an acrylic case for the iPhone fitted with some plastic bolts (which will allow the scope to be mounted) and a hand strap. Fit your iPhone into the acrylic case, and using the small plastic bolt on the back side, attach the scope. Now you should be ready to take some pictures.


Once installed on the phone, the Zoom Attachment Kit is pretty simple to use. Start the camera application and aim for an object. Use the rotating ring on the scope to zoom in or zoom out, and take the picture when ready. Its 6x optical zoom will bring you those sharp images you've always dreamed of.


When cleaning the scope lens, make sure you use a soft piece of material and only approved products for this purpose, or you might end up with scratched or damaged lenses. Cleaning kits for camera lenses are available; they will help you to clean your lens without damaging it.

When Not in Use

You need to be careful with the small plastic bolts on the case, which are used for mounting the scope. When not in use, it is recommended to remove the scope and then take the case off your phone; simply removing the scope and putting the phone into your pocket with the case on might break off the little bolts, thus leaving you unable to mount the scope anymore.

The Conice 6x18 Zoom Attachment Kit is a very useful add-on for your iPhone, no doubt, but you have to be careful when handling it. The first and maybe most important thing you need to take into consideration when using it is the weight of the scope. Its weight of 4.69 ounces almost equals the weight of the iPhone itself, which weights 4.80 ounces, so you'll have quite some weight on your hands. Also, because of the weight of the scope and the little resistance the plastic bolts offer, you should avoid sudden movements when using the scope (or be sure to properly hold both the iPhone and the scope). The plastic bolts can break and leave your Zoom Attachment...unattached.

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