How to Use Digital Cameras as a Webcam

If you don't happen to have a computer with a built in webcam or an external webcam, there is a way to rig digital cameras aswebcams. This does not work with all computers or all digital cameras. However, it is possible to do this with some, if you follow the correct steps.

Materials Needed:

  • Digital Camera with Video Out Connection
  • Computer with Video In Connection
  • External Power Source for Digital Camera
  • Video Connection Cable
  • Stand Alone Microphone
  • Downloaded Web Chat Application
  • Other Software Programs (if necessary)

Step 1: Check Digital Camera Manual

The first thing you should do when you want to use your digital camera as a webcam is look into the camera's original manual or online manual. There are certain camera brands and models that come with instructions on how to use them as webcams. This is certainly the easiest method, but not the most common.

Step 2: Use Other Software if Necessary

If your digital camera does not come with the necessary instructions to utilize it as webcam, you can purchase other software, such as from Shareware, to assist in the process.

Step 3: Connect Camera to Power Source

When you use your digital camera as a webcam, it should always be plugged in to an external power source. Keeping the camera plugged in to the wall outlet will prevent connection power losses. This is vital when using the digital camera webcam for business meeting usage and to preserve the internal battery of the digital camera.

Step 4: Connect Video Cable to Digital Camera

Next, you need to find the video 'out' portal on the digital camera; it should be clearly identifiable. Plug the video cable into the camera first.

Step 5: Connect Video Cable to the Computer

Find the video 'in' portal on your computer, it will be yellow. Plug the cable into the computer. Both ends of the cable should now be connected.

Step 6: Find Correct Setting and Power on the Digital Camera

Change the setting on the digital camera to "camera" mode, sometimes indicated with a camera symbol. When every connection has been made, you can power on the digital camera.

Step 7: Find Web Chat Application

The next step is to turn on the computer and find the web chat application you intend to use. There are many to choose from if you don't already have one. When you are in the web chat application, find the main menu and look for the video in option. This should allow the computer to find your digital camera. The steps will be guided and easy to follow.

Step 8: Plug in the External Microphone

If you find that there is no sound coming from your digital camera set up, you will need to plug in the separate microphone. The jack will be clearly marked on your computer. This step will need to occur in most cases.

The whole process of using your digital camera as a web cam is easier than it may seem. You will be able to hook it up and have it running in a very short amount of time.

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