How to Use Aperture to Get Sharper Shots

Manipulating your camera's aperture can be quite tricky. Have you ever had focus trouble in your shots? Maybe your images have yielded an unfavorably blurred background or foreground--or even worse--a blurred subject. For landscape shots, panoramic pictures, events and other similar circumstances, you would want to have an overall sharpness. 

The Sharpest Shots

Generally, the safest aperture setting is f/8. This will keep your subjects in sharp focus, and still give your shots a little depth of field. Keep in mind that the higher the f-stop number, the sharper your image will appear. But that would mean you'll have to compromise on the ISO setting or your shutter speed.

For optimum overall sharpness, and for a greater depth of field, keep your aperture size as small as possible. For this, go with a higher f-stop number. Some camera lenses can now accommodate up to f/32. That might result in an unfavorably slow shutter speed requirement though.

When you are in well-lit conditions and you want the sharpest image possible, an f-number of f/11 or even f/16 is most recommended. This will give you the most depth of field, and ensure that your image remains sharp all throughout.

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