How to Use a WiFi Memory Card

Wi-Fi memory card is designed to make uploading photos from your digital camera to your computer effortless. The current company with the largest Wi-Fi memory card market share is called Eye-Fi. The concept behind the card is very simple. Users need to have a wireless network set up in their homes. They replace their camera's memory card with a Wi-Fi card and shoot pictures. When they return home, all they have to do is turn on their camera, along with their computer, and the photos automatically transfer through your network.

Step 1: Purchase Your Card

Aside from the ability to automatically transfer your files wirelessly, these cards work the same as a standard SD card and come in various storage size capabilities, which include 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB. They cost about twice as much to purchase than their comparable SD sizes. The cards can be purchased on Eye-Fi's website www.Eye.Fi/

Step 2: Set up Account

To get started using you Eye-Fi, open the packaging and remove the Eye-Fi card and the thumb drive that comes with it. Place the card into the drive and plug the drive into your USB port. You will be prompted to set up an Eye-Fi account and a file destination for your photos. Once that is all set up, you're ready to start taking pictures.

About the WiFi Memory Card

The Eye-Fi card can be used on PCs and Macs. It is compatible with over 1000 cameras, but you are advised to check if it will work with your specific model before deciding to purchase. The software that comes from Eye-Fi also makes publishing your photos your favorite social media sites really easy. The software is standard with some of the cards, while with others it has to be purchased separately for $9.99 a year. Because the cards operate on a wifi system, your photos can be geotagged easily without a GPS. The wifi card scans other wireless systems around it to know where it is, thus geotagging your photos when you take them using WPS (Wi-Fi positioning system). 

The biggest benefit to this card is that it makes the process of backing up your photos and videos effortless. All you need to do is turn the camera on and the system takes care of the rest. If you're into the concept of geotagging then you'll love this card.

The rest of Eye-Fi's benefits are not so impressive. Mac users can use iPhoto to share their pictures easily on Facebook and Flickr and don't need to pay $9.99 a year. Also, the price is considerably more expensive than its standard SD card counterpart.

Overall, if you're someone who takes a lot of pictures and considers uploading them to your computer to be a chore, then this card is for you.


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