How to Use a Lens Filter on a Digital Camera

If you're serious about photography, then your kit should include lens filters. Lens filters help us gain an extra edge in our shots that we can't normally accomplish. Some examples are Neutral Density filters, which are used to reduce light. You would use an ND filter instead of closing your aperture, because you don't want to affect the depth of field in your shot. Polarizing filters reduce polarized light in a shot and remove reflections.

Check to See if Your Camera Supports a Lens Filter

Lens filters are very easy to use, but not every camera is meant for them. Lens filters work by attaching themselves to your lens by screwing on like a cap. Check if you lens has threads at the tip. If it does, then your camera will support a filter. Filters are not made for one size fits all.

Choose the Right Filter

Before purchasing a filter, make sure that it is the right size to attach to your lens. Choosing a filter is dependent on what you want to accomplish. If you're shooting outdoors and everything looks a little washed out, then a polarizer might help you out. You'll never know which filter you need until you know what they do. So go out, experiment, and learn the equipment.

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