How to Turn on the Red Eye Reduction Feature on Your Digital Camera

Everyone has had their photography plagued by people in the pictures coming out with red eyes, but you no longer need to deal with it once you figure out how to turn on the red eye reduction feature on your digital camera.  

Red Eye Reductiom 

Red eyes are caused by the light from the flash reflecting off of the retina, which is covered blood vessels in a persons eye, causing it to give people the appearance that their eyes are red. What the red eye reduction feature does is it causes the camera to emit multiple, fast flashes before the actual picture is taken. What this does is causes the person's pupil to contract, which allows less light from the flash to hit and reflect off of the retina, leaving you with a natural color in the person's eyes.

Turning on Red Eye Reduction 

On your digital camera, go into the settings and just keep scrolling through them until you find the one that says "red eye" or "red eye mode". Once the settings prompt disappears, you can take your picture and the red eyes will be reduced.

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