How to Turn off the Red Eye Reduction Feature on Your Digital Camera

Red eye reduction works by emitting a pre-flash before the main one so that a subject's pupils become contracted and less light is bouncing out of them. This function does help red eye, but you don't always want that pre flash happening because it can be distracting to the subjects. Turning the red eye reduction off is not that complicated. You just need to understand digital camera symbols.

Understanding Red Eye Reduction

Somewhere on the back of the camera is a button with a lightning symbol on it. This controls the flash. Press the button until you see it say something different than red eye reduction. Other choices are no flash, always on and automatic. Automatic flash happens when the camera senses there is not enough light to get a proper exposure at the camera's current ISO setting.

Sometimes you may turn off the red eye reduction flash only to find it set again the next time you turn your camera off. Because of these small, unexpected surprises of camera's reverting to their default settings, you should always do a quick check list to make sure the camera is set to the specified settings you desire before you go out and shoot.

Not all digital cameras are the same. For some, you may need to access the camera's menu to turn red eye reduction on and off.

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