How to Store Your DSLR Camera Lens When You're Traveling

Travelling with your DSLR camera lens can be hazardous. But, there are plenty of things you can do to help protect your equipment.

Keep It with You

Everyone is familiar with the risks associated with checked baggage. Items often get lost, searched or tussled. Any protective measures you take can be thwarted by the abuse that your baggage is likely to encounter. Carry on bags will always be in your care, so you can supervise the safety of your lens.

Lens Caps

It is a good idea to take your lens off of the camera before packing it. This way, there will not be any pressure on the mount. Secure lens caps to both the front and rear elements. Use some tape to ensure that they stay on so you are not met with scratches when you land.


If you have a camera bag, then use it to pack your gear. If not, keep your lens surrounded by cushy objects such as clothes. Make it as cozy as possible, and place it in a part of your bag that will not be feeling a lot of weight.

Follow these steps, and your lenses should make it safely to your destination.

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