How To Share Pictures with an iPhone

The pictures iPhone applications is very powerful and useful. The camera on the latest iPhone is capable of taking some very high quality photos. However, once you have taken the photos, you probably don't want them to be stuck on the phone forever. There are a number of different ways that you can share photos between other iPhone users and on computers.

By learning how to share the pictures taken with your iPhone you can make it much easier to show other people your photos. There are several applications which can be purchased and installed to allow the sharing of photos over a bluetooth connection. However, this isn't the only way.

The easiest method of sharing photos will be to use email and that's exactly what this guide will focus on.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • iPhone
  • Email account 
  • Photos

Step 1 - Setting up the Phone

The first thing that you need to do is set up your iPhone for email so that it's possible to send and receive email. This is necessary to be able to send your photos by email which can then be shared with computers and other mobile devices including other iPhones.

If it's the first time you're trying to set up mail then it's very simple. Tap the mail icon on your iPhones main menu and then enter the information as requested. Go through the entire process and then perform the tests to check that your email account is properly set up on your iPhone.

Step 2 - Selecting Photos

Next, you need to spend some time looking at the photos that you want to share. Do this by flicking through the gallery to look at photos that you are interested in. Mark all of the photos that you want to send by email. If you don't already have any photos that you want to send then now would be a good time to take some.

Step 3 - Choosing Photos

With all of the photos selected, click on the small arrow next to one of the photos and select the Email Photos option. This will put all of the photos as an attachment in the email message which is then almost ready to be sent. Make sure that you select the correct photos so that you can avoid any potential embarrassment.

Step 4 - Sending Email

Once you have attached the photos you will see a fairly standard email window where you can enter a subject, address and message. Enter all of the information you want and then click the button to send your email. Your photos will be sent through your email account onto the other device or computer very quickly.

Step 5 - Considering Other Alternatives

There are of course plenty of other alternatives which can make sharing photos with an iPhone much easier. There are applications which can be downloaded to send the photos over a bluetooth or wi-fi connection. This will make sharing photos with other iPhone users very simple and much faster. Sending by email is easy but it's fairly slow; you will need to wait for the photos to be uploaded and then the recipient will also need to download the messages which takes time too.

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