How to Review a Photo After Taking It

A natural part of photography is photo review, and it should be a regular part of your photographic hobby or profession. The reason for this is because it allows you to develop your natural photographic instincts and gives you a learning modem. Reviewing your own photos after taking them is the best avenue to begin.

How to Review Your Photos

Technically speaking, there are few ways you can review your work. One is to review the shots immediately after they are taken on the screen of your digital camera. Another way is to upload the photos to your computer or other photo source, and review them from there. Lastly, you can have them printed or print them yourself.

What to Look For

In order to develop a good sense of what makes or breaks a photo, you need to pay attention when you review your photos. There are several key things to look for in a great photo:

  • the lighting
  • the type of photo (landscape, portrait, etc.)
  • the balance
  • the placement of subjects or objects, etc.

Reviewing your photos will become habit, and the terminology and knowledge will come with experience. Soon, you will be able to review the photos of others and notice key elements as well.

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