How to Operate the Camera Zoom

Digital cameras offer a number of features, including Camera Zoom. While zoom is a fairly simple feature, it might be difficult for some people to use. Camera zoom makes it possible to make far away objects appear much closer than they actually are. This is very useful when taking photographs of wildlife, when getting too close to it would scare it away.

Step 1: Reading the Manual

Although zoom is fairly easy to use, every camera works slightly differently. Read the manual to find out exactly how this feature works. If you don't have the manual, then you can normally download it from the Internet by searching for it online.

Step 2: Zooming In

Zooming in is very easy. There should be a zoom control somewhere on your camera. This normally has the picture of a tree up close. Normally the control is either a switch close to the shutter or on the back of the camera.

With an SLR camera, you will zoom in by twisting the zoom ring on the lens itself. This allows you very precise control over how close you get to the objects.

Step 3: Zooming Out

If the objects appear too close on the screen, then you can zoom out by pressing the opposite button. This will make the image look much bigger and there will be more to see. Zooming is easy to use, but some practice will make it even simpler for you to do.