How to Keep Your DSLR Camera Lens Clean Outside

Your DSLR lens can get quite dirty when you shoot outside. There are some key things that you can do to keep it protected.

Step 1: Clear Filter

Having a screw-on clear filter on the front element will keep your lens safe. You may think that the extra cost of a filter is unnecessary, but the cost of replacing the glass of a lens will be much greater. It is better to get dirt on a cheap filter than an expensive lens.

Step 2: Lens Caps

When you are not shooting, put the lens cap on. It may seem like a hassle, and perhaps you fear that you will miss a shot while you are taking off the cap, but it will keep your lens safe. There are devices that tie the lens cap to the camera. This way, when you take off the cap, you can just drop it without losing it.

Step 3: Carry Cleaning Supplies

Allowing dirt to cling to the glass will not only lead to more intense damage, but will also affect your photos. A lens pen is very handy and compact. A small bottle of cleaning fluid with some lens tissue is not too cumbersome either.

Shooting outdoors leaves your camera exposed to many hazards. Be prepared and take care of your lens.

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