How To Import Pictures into Your iPhone

If you are lucky enough to have an iPhone then you will probably want to know how to import pictures iPhone. This will allow you to load the photos that you have taken on your digital camera onto your iPhone. The best thing about this is that it's very convenient. Once the photos are on your iPhone you can easily show them to anyone who you want.

It's possible to import pictures from your PC or Mac, although the process will be slightly different.

1. Installing iPhoto

The first thing to do is install iPhoto software on your computer. If you don't already have a copy, then it can be downloaded from the Apple website. This little software utility will sync your photos with your computer.

2. Connecting the iPhone

Connect the iPhone to your computer with the supplied lead and then wait for the iPhoto application to launch. Click on the photos tab and adjust the settings as required.

3. Syncing Photos

Once the application is loaded, you will then need to wait for the photos to be synced. This is a two way process and will download the photos taken on the device as well as uploading photos on your computer to your iPhone. This should mean that your computer and iPhones image library is the same.

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