How to Hold Your Camera Properly

Although it might seem that the way to hold a camera is the most basic of knowledge in photography, it's surprising how many people lack the know-how. It's not rocket science, but it sure can make a big difference in the way your pictures turn out. Holding your camera the wrong way can create lots of movement which blurs the photos.

Your Right Hand

When you hold your camera properly, your right hand has a firm but gentle grasp on the grip of the camera while your finger is ready to shoot on the shutter button.  

Your Left Hand

More importantly is the placement of the left hand, particularly if you have a longer lens on your camera. Your left hand should be supporting the camera itself or the long lens. Cradling the camera firmly is appropriate.

Your Body

When you are shooting and have hold of the camera properly, your body should be supported as well. This will eliminate unnecessary shaking. For instance, lean against a tree, a building, a car, etc. Or, you can even kneel and lean against your own knees for support.

In some cases, it's entirely appropriate to use a tripod for the best possible results. Be sure the tripod you choose will support your camera and that you have the best angle before shooting.

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