How To Dub a Camcorder Recording to DVD

Dubbing your camcorder recording to DVD is an effective way to preserve you're videos in one of the most modern ways possible. It would be useless if you can't watch all your precious videos that you've recorded over the years. While dubbing a camcorder recording to DVD may seem difficult and technologically advanced, it is actually quite simple and will keep your recordings alive for a long time for you to enjoy.

Step 1: Connect Your Camcorder to Your Computer

The first thing you are going to have to do is connect your camcorder to your computer. You can do this by plugging one end of the USB cable that came provided with your camcorder into your computer and the other, smaller end into your camcorder. Once your camcorder is connected to your computer, turn the camcorder on.  

Step 2: Use Your Computer's DVDs Rewrite Program

Once you turn your camcorder on, the DVD rewrite program should automatically start up. If it doesn't, manually open it, and the program should ask you which video you would want to copy to your computer. Select the video you wish to copy, and it will download it to the DVD rewrite program. Next, select which device you want to have your recording dubbed on to, in which you should select "blank DVD."

Step 3: Dub the Camcorder's Recording onto the Blank DVD

Once you have selected to rewrite it onto a blank DVD, the next step is to put a blank DVD in the disc drive that is labeled with the "DVD Rom" logo.  Once you insert the blank DVD, the DVD rewrite program should prompt you by asking what you would like to write to the blank DVD. Select the video that you have downloaded to your computer and select the prompt to "write directly to disc." Next, you will have to select a title name for your DVD. You can pick whatever you'd like; it will be the name of the disc when inserted into a computer or DVD player.  

Once you have selected the name of the DVD, hit the "burn disc" button. This will cause your computer to write the video recording to be written onto your blank DVD. Once this is complete, the DVD drive will open automatically and you are free to enjoy your video recording on any computer or DVD player of your choosing.

This process can be completed with any of your video recordings from your video camera. You can now show off your video recordings to all your friends and family on the big screen television. If you want, you can also do this with your digital camera to create a slide show of pictures to show all your friends and family. Whatever your plans, this is a great skill to have.

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