How to Change a Lens on SLR Cameras

SLR cameras are used by professionals. One of the key differences between a professional and consumer camera is the ability to change lenses because lens have a great influence on your depth of field. Changing a lens is quick and simple, however, one should remember that lenses are expensive and very fragile. If you drop one then that mistake will cost hundreds of dollars--always be careful.

Step 1

Holding the camera firmly in one hand, press the lens release button with your free hand.

Step 2

Use your free hand to grab the lens and twist it, usually counter clockwise, but all manufacturers are different.

Step 3

Once the lens is free, place the lens caps on it to avoid damaging the glass by scratching it.

Step 4

Take the new lens and twist it into the lens socket in the opposite direction you used to remove the previous lens. You will hear a click when the lens is locked into place. 

Step 5

The lens should be firmly in place. If it feels loose, then remove it and re-insert it. A loose lens means it is not properly in place and it could fall out. 

Step 6

Go out and shoot until you need another lens.

Popular Lenses: