How to Adjust CCD Sensitivity

CCD Sensitivity will affect the amount of light that your camera picks up and converts into your photo. The sensitivity of your camera can be adjusted so that more light can be turned into the picture.

What Is the CCD Sensor?

Most digital cameras use a CCD Sensor to convert light into electrical signals which can then be stored on a memory card. The sensitivity of the sensor will affect the detail of the pictures.

Adjusting the Sensitivity of Your Camera

The sensitivity of your camera can be adjusted by adjusting the ISO setting in your cameras menu. The ISO settings are comparable with the ISO values of films. ISO used to be the amount of silver in the film which affected the light sensitivity.

Read through the manual to find out how to adjust the ISO setting of your camera. In low light conditions, you can increase the CCD's sensitivity to light by increasing the ISO value. However, the more you increase the ISO value, the greater the risk of noise affecting your photos.

You can also slow down the shutter speed to allow more light into your camera. However, this could also cause problems with blurred photographs. When taking photos in low light conditions, you must keep the camera perfectly steady.

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