Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Rollei SL-35 Lenses

Four thirds lens adapters make it possible to mount SLR lenses to a four thirds camera body without sacrificing an image's quality. Four thirds camera are an SLR camera type designed exclusively for digital cameras. They employ a smaller image sensor than their counterparts, which results in smaller and lighter camera bodies. The major difference between these four thirds cameras and other SLRs is the image aspect ratio. Most SLRS use a 3:2 ratio, while four third cameras have a 4:3 ratio.

The Lens Adapters

Due to the nature of the aspect ratio, most SLR lenses cannot be used with the four thirds cameras without experiencing a loss in image quality. Four thirds lens adapters solve this problem. Using the adapter, you can easily attach the popular 1970s Rollei SL-35 lenses to your digital camera. There are no glass elements in the adapter that will hamper the performance of the lens.

Things to Keep in Mind

When using any lens with the four thirds adapter, you need to understand that your camera will lose the auto focus function. All focusing must be done manually. If you want to change a lens, you can just leave the adapter in the camera rather than taking it off for every change. Keep in mind that four thirds cameras are small and might not be able to hold a heavy lens on it's own. Make sure that you have extra support for large lenses.