Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Pentax K Lenses

Four thirds lens adapters make it possible to use regular SLR lenses on a four thirds camera body. Four thirds cameras get their names from their image aspect ratio, which is 4:3. They employ a smaller image sensor than their counterparts, which allows for a smaller and more lightweight camera. Due to their small size, it is not normally possible to place most SLR lens on the camera body unless you have an adapter.

Pentax K Lenses

Pentax K lenses can usually only be attached to cameras with a K mount. But, with the adapter, you can attach these lenses to your four thirds camera. When using these lenses with the adapter, you have to change the aperture and focus with the rings on the lens. Everything must be done manually due to the fact that the adapter does not have electrical contacts and that the lenses do not have motors.

Working with the Adapter and Lenses

Like all four thirds adapters, you only have to remove the lens from the camera to make a lens change. You leave the adapter in the camera's mount. You also need to be very careful when working with heavy lenses. Four thirds cameras are small and are built for smaller lenses. A large lens that's weight it not being supported could put pressure on the mount and end up damaging it.