Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Minolta MD Lenses

Anyone looking for a four thirds lens might be shocked to learn that they are more expensive than many other lenses for other cameras. Often a much easier and more affordable option is to use lens adaptors to secure a variety of different lenses onto your camera. This also makes it possible to use Minolta MD lenses on your camera with very little outlay.

This is perfect for anyone who already has some of these lenses lying around and wants to use them on their own computer without needing to spend any more money buying new lenses.


This lens mount adaptor is suitable for virtually all types of Minolta SLR MD mount lenses. This adaptor ring won't, however, be suitable for any lenses which use mirror lock up.

Easy to Use

These lens adaptors are very easy to use. They are simply screwed into the connector ring on your lens, and then fixed into your camera.

High Quality

These lens adaptors are made to a very high quality and designed to avoid any deterioration of the photographs. They do not include any glass elements, which means they are not susceptible to dirt or dust. The inside of the adaptor is also painted in black, which means that any reflections are minimized.

Lens adaptors are a very useful method for using Minolta MD lenses on your four thirds camera.