Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Exakta Lenses

Four thirds lens adapters are available for Exakta lenses so that people who are fans of these lenses can use them on their digital cameras. These adapters provide the full capacity for infinity focusing unlike the Canon EOS adapters. The adapter will work with all Exakta lenses which have an internal mount.

History of the Exakta Lenses

The mount for Exakta lens was first introduced in the year 1936 and could be used with all Exakta and Exa models. This mount had a bayonet type of fitting, which could be locked by a spring lever on the right. For removing the lens, you had to rotate it anticlockwise and press the lever. For mounting the lens, you had to line the locking pin of the lens with a red colored dot and then insert it and turn clockwise until it locked.

Exakta Lenses Today

It is interesting to see that the Exakta lens of the 1930s can still be used with a four thirds lens adapter on a digital camera. The aperture size is controlled by either turning the aperture ring or by adjusting the diaphragm mechanism, depending on the type of Exakta lens. Like any four thirds adapter, this one also can be left on the camera.