Four Thirds Lens Adapters: Contax/Yashica Lenses

Four thirds lens mounts were developed by Olympus and Panasonic. They are a compact lens mount which is commonly used on many compact cameras including the Panasonic G1. If you do have one of these cameras then the ability to change the lenses on such a small camera is very useful. However, it will be an expensive business to buy lots of new lenses for your camera.

Buying new Four thirds lenses can be expensive but there is actually a very easy way to save money. One option is to use a lens adapter. These adapters can connect many different lenses onto your compact camera including Contax and Yashica Lenses.

Ease of Use

These lens adapters are extremely easy to use. The lens adapter simply needs to be screwed into the lens mount of your Lumix G1 camera. It can be left there all the time which makes it possible to remove just the lenses every time. This makes it easy to use lots of Contax lenses on the same camera.


These lens mount adapters are made to a very high quality. They also don't have any glass elements which means that they don't degrade the quality of the photos you are taking. They also have a black inside which will prevent any reflections.