Digital Cameras: What Is Image Noise on Photos?

Image noise is an undesirable effect that is caused by the variation of brightness in a digital camera or scanner. It is much like the grainy image that may become present in an analogue camera. There are several different types of image noise. Some of these will be detailed below.

Salt and Pepper Noise

This is a type of noise that places dark pixels in light regions and light pixels in dark regions. While it presents an interesting image, it may ruin the images that are being shot in other instances. It can be caused by dead pixels.

Fixed Pattern Noise

Much of the time, it appears as little flecks of color that do not look like they should be in the picture. It normally appears in very long exposure and may become even more prevalent in higher temperatures.

Banding Noise

Normally caused by the camera itself, this is noise that is introduced by the digital camera as it is reading data from the digital sensor. It is normally caused when a photo has been brightened too much.

It can be difficult to remove camera noise. The best way to prevent photo noise is to buy a high quality camera and not tweak the settings until you have become comfortable with the camera.

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