Digital Cameras: What is Auto Bracketing?

Bracketing in photography refers to when you take multiple shots of the same image frame at different exposures. Auto bracketing is when the camera automatically adjusts the exposure and takes several shots. There are mainly two reasons you would do this.

What Exposure Is Right?

You might not be sure of what exposure you precisely need. This is why bracketing is smart because you're giving yourself options. One shot may be too bright, one too dark and another just right. Or, if none of them are right, you're bound to find the effect you want in a photo editing program with one of them.

Dynamic Range

You might be worried that your camera will not able able to capture the entire dynamic range of the image. Rather then be stuck with one where parts are too bright and too dark, you give yourself a variety of exposures that you can combine later into an evenly exposed image.

Setting up Auto Bracketing

When setting up auto bracketing on your camera, there are two factors that you need to program. One is how many pictures you wish to take. Most cameras allow you to take 2,3 or 5 images. The other factor is which exposure you want each image to be set to.

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