Digital Cameras: Picture Size and Memory

Picture size has a direct correlation with memory. The larger the picture size, the more memory that it will take on a computer or digital camera. The information below will help you understand the sizes of pictures and its affect on memory.

File Size

As you change the pixels on your camera, the pictures will become more or less fine. The more fine the pictures, the better quality you will have but the more space it will take. The more colors that a camera must put into the picture, the larger the image size. If you are looking to save space on a digital camera, change the pixel settings to a lower pre-set. Doing this will require less file size and allow you to put more pictures onto a digital camera.

Size vs Quality

While you may have a very large picture, if the quality of the picture is not great, it may take up less space than a smaller picture of a higher quality. If you want a higher quality picture, be sure to change the settings on your camera. A higher pixel count will create a higher quality portrait. In general, higher quality pictures are more wanted than vast numbers of lower quality ones. Remember, quality over quantity.

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