Digital Cameras: How to Upgrade your Firmware Software

There are several ways to update your firmware software. The safest and easiest ways are those that are listed below.

Look Around

There are several sites that are available that carry all of the firmware software available in one place. Simply enter in your camera information or make/model into a search engine and any relevant software upgrades should appear in your search results. Although you may have to weed through some of the results, you should be able to find your firmware software relatively easily.

If you have a popular make and model of camera, you may be able to quickly find what you are looking for. If you have a camera that is not sold in a large market, visit the website of the manufacturer.

Download and Connect

Download the software that you need. The computer may prompt you to "run" or "save" the software that you need. Saving it will allow you to run it again if you ever somehow lose the software. After you have saved your program, plug the camera into your computer through your USB cable. The information from the upgraded software will have to transfer onto your digital camera before you will be able to disconnect.

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