Digital Cameras: How to Turn On the Histogram Feature

There are many advanced features on digital cameras which few people know how to use. These features can, however, make it very easy to take much better quality photos. The histogram feature is a feature which is included on almost all digital cameras. Few people actually understand how to use the histogram feature.

1. Reading the Manual

Most people won't bother to read their instruction manual before using their camera. However, for some features it's important that you do read the manual. The histogram feature is an advanced feature which allows you to look at the distribution of the tones which you are taking a photo of. The histogram can also be used to assist editing and improving the color balance of photos.

2. Turning on the Histogram View

Depending on your model of camera, the method of turning on the histogram view will be different. On most cameras, you will simply press the display button to cycle through the different views; one of these views includes the histogram view. On other cameras, you might have to turn on histograms by accessing the option in the settings menu.

3. Using the Histogram Feature to Take Better Photos

In order to use the histogram feature to take better quality photos, you will need some practice. The histogram will show you the variation of tones in your photo, which should then make it possible to correct the color balances once the image has been taken.

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