Digital Cameras: How to Switch to Manual Focus

If you're interested in taking photographs, then you will need to learn how to activate the manual focus mode on your camera. Pretty much every single camera user will rely on the auto focus features of their camera to focus the picture for them. However, there are a number of reasons why you should consider using manual focus.

Automatic focus takes valuable time to adjust. If you are experiencing problems with shutter lag, then this can be reduced by using manual focus. It also gives you more control over what the camera is actually focusing on.

Step 1: Reading the Manual

Virtually every camera from compact digital cameras to DSLRs feature some degree of manual control. Read the manual to find out what can be manually controlled and how to change the manual mode. If you can't find your manual, then you can search on the Internet for a copy.

Step 2: Activating Manual Mode

Depending on your camera, you will need to either press the mode button or enter the settings menu to activate manual mode for your camera. The manual mode will allow you to control various aspects of your camera including the focus.

Step 3: Focusing the Camera

Once you have activated the manual focus feature, your camera will no longer focus itself automatically. Use the controls to adjust the focus of your camera so that the shot is clearly in focus and not blurred.

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