Digital Cameras: How to Change the Shutter Sound

Some digital cameras make it possible to change the shutter sound yourself. The shutter sound is the noise your camera makes when you press the shutter button to take a photo. This is normally a standard clicking noise which mechanical cameras used to make. A digital camera, however, doesn't actually need to make any noise because the camera doesn't rely on mechanical movements.

1. Find the Manual

Every camera is different and whether or not you are able to adjust the shutter sound will depend on the camera model you have. Read the instruction manual to find out how to change the shutter noise.

2. Access the Settings Menu

Press the button on your camera to open up the settings menu. The settings menu will make it possible to adjust various features of your camera including the shutter speed, shooting mode and also the shutter noise.

3. Select the Shutter Sound

Now use the up and down keys to choose the shutter sound that you want for your camera. When each of these sounds is highlighted, you should be able to listen to a sample so that you can decide which one you want to use. The same screens should also make it possible to adjust the volume of your camera.

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