Digital Cameras: How to Activate the AF Servo Feature

If you are new to digital cameras or are interested in boosting the performance of your camera, one of the features that you might want to experiment with is the AF Servo feature (also sometimes referred to as AI Servo). This feature is used primarily in sports or wildlife photography, and it serves to maintain focus on a moving subject (the "AF," incidentally, stands for "auto focus). For many cameras, AF Servo will be a feature that is automatically selected. This will be the case if you have a relatively basic point-and-shoot camera that is designed for novice users. On more advanced cameras, you will often have the option to turn the feature on and off when you want to use it. Below you will find steps to properly use your AF Servo feature.

Step 1: Depress Shutter Halfway

For many cameras, when you depress the shutter button halfway, the camera will auto focus on the subject in the center of your frame. In other cameras, however, you will need to do more to turn auto focus on.

Step 2: Look for Dedicated Button

On some cameras, there will be a dedicated AF Servo button that you will be able to toggle on and off when you want AF Servo turned on or off. In other models, you will be able to set the "*" button to use in the same manner. In other instances, you will need to look in the menu for different shooting options that will turn AF Servo on and off.

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