Digital Cameras: 3 Types of Color Mode

While many digital cameras have variances on the color settings, most digital cameras have 3 different color modes. The description of each color mode is described below.

1. Normal Color

While this can be tweaked to fit the user's needs, this is the "normal" color mode that the camera reverts to. It takes the picture in the actual color of the surroundings that the camera is photographing. More costly cameras may allow the user to get higher quality portraits with more vibrant colors. Color settings are preferable for taking pictures of nature or the outdoors, as it allows the bright colors to stand out.

2. Sepia

This color choice is great for dramatic photos. It is much like black and white, but has a hint of brown in the photos. It presents a vintage feel to most of the photos. This has been a popular choice recently with children's portraits. This color option is great for blurring the edges, as this color scheme is not as harsh as color.

3. Black and White

Another dramatic choice, details tend to stand out in this color scheme. Some photographers use photo software to make everything in the photo black and white except for one item, such as a flower or bird in the background. This naturally draws the eyes to this one colored detail.


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