Digital Camera Instructions: Symbols on SET Button Explained

If you lost your digital camera's instructions, don't worry. This article will help you understand what the symbols on the function/ SET button are, and it will explain how to use them.


  • Box with a '+' and '-' in it: This function controls the camera's exposure.
  • Garbage Can: This function is for deleting content.
  • MF: Allows you manual control of the focus.
  • Lightning: This controls the camera's flash.
  • Circle with a line at 45 degrees: Here you can access the camera's timer.
  • Flower: This puts the camera in macro mode which will allow you to get really close to your subjects while keeping them in focus.
  • WB or small circle with two triangles coming out of it: This controls the camera's white balance. When taking photos, you should always properly set the white balance so that your color temperatures are even and don't look too blue or too orange. To set a white balance, you want to hold a piece of paper close to the lens so that the entire frame is white. Then, hit the 'WB' button and the camera should adjust and read that white as true white.
  • Face: Puts the camera in portait mode where a shallow depth of field is created between the subject and the background.
  • Tree or mountains: Puts the camera in landscape mode. The focus is set to infinity in landscape.

All camera models are different from each other, but this general guide should be able to help you out.

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