Digital Camera Instructions: Scene Mode Symbols Explained

Digital camera Instructions offer a wide range of scene modes to help you get the best pictures in special situations. Here's a brief explanation of them.


This mode is designed for situations where you have light coming from behind the subject making them look dark. The camera uses the flash to try to balance the exposure in the image and fill in the shadows.


Sand and snow are white and bounce light all over the the place, causing images to become over exposed and washed out. This mode takes the sand and snow into account and properly balances the image.


The shutter speed and exposure are set to what you need for shooting fireworks.


The focus is set to infinity, making everything in the image look sharp.


Macro sets the lens up for taking extreme close up shots.

Night Scenes

This slows the shutter speed so the image has a little extra time to expose due to the lack of light. Use a tripod when using this mode or your shots will be blurry.


Exposure and shutter speeds are set to compensate for dimly lit rooms.


This creates a shallow depth of field so that a subject is in sharp focus while the background is blurred.


This sets the shutter speed to a fast setting so you can capture quick moments of action. You need a lot of light to compensate for the shutter speed.

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