Digital Camera Instructions: How to Use Thumbnail Display

Thumbnail displays create an quick and easy way for a digital camera user to navigate through the content on their camera. Here are some general digital camera instructions for working with thumbnail displays.

Using Thumbnail Display

When you switch your camera into playback mode, the last photo you shot fills up the entire display screen. When you hit the left button, you go to the second to last picture you took and when you navigate to the right, you see the first photo you shot on that memory card. This can make trying to find a photo in the middle of your card very time consuming to find.

Fortunately, you can view your photos as groups of thumbnails which saves a lot of time. With the camera in playback mode, hit the button to zoom out. This will cause the photos to shrink in size and will now display multiple photos on the screen depending on how long you zoom out for. Use the up, down, left and right buttons to navigate. Hitting the down button will display the next page of thumbnails.

Once you have found the photo you wish to display, hit the button to zoom in until it fills the entire screen. You can continue to zoom in and your photo will become magnified.

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