Digital Camera Instructions: How to Set up Date and Time

Please keep in mind that the digital camera instructions in this article are for general use and might not apply to your model.

Usually when you first turn on your camera, you are promoted to set the time and date. But, there are times when you have to reset it, such as when moving to a new time zone or going on vacation to another part of the world. Here's how to quickly set up and change your date and time.

Setting up Date and Time

  1. Turn Your Camera on.
  2. Hit the Menu button.
  3. Select 'Tools' which is usually represented by a wrench or hammer symbol.
  4. Select 'Time/Date', the symbol is usually a clock.
  5. You can now change the time and date. Use the left/right buttons to select what you would like to change. Use the up and down buttons to change the values.
  6. Once you're all the data is correct, hit the 'set button' to apply the new data. Hit the 'menu button' to exit the menu.

Note: Some camera's need to have their date and times reentered if the batteries have been removed for a long period of time.

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