Digital Camera Instructions: How to Set the Timer

When you are taking a picture with a digital camera, it is impossible to get in the picture yourself unless you learn the digital camera instructions for setting the timer on your digital camera.

Step 1: Read Instructions

First thing you are going to want to do is read all the instructions for your camera so you can familiarize yourself with what all the buttons do.

Step 2: Change the Timer Settings on Your Camera

In order to change the settings for your timer on your camera, you are first going to need to turn your camera on. Next, find the settings for the timer. There are many different timer settings that you can control. One of them is the self-timer, which will allow you to set delays in pictures for a specific amount of time. With the interval timer, like the self timer, you can set the camera to take a picture after a certain amount of time. but it will continue to take pictures at every interval you set it for. For example, if you set your interval timer for ten minutes, your camera will take a picture every ten minutes. 

Step 3: Take Your Picture

Once you have your timer set, set it on a flat surface, pointing at what you want to take a picture. Wait until the picture is taken.

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