Digital Camera Instructions: How to Record a Video

If you've lost your digital camera instructions, then learning how to use various features of your camera can be difficult. Most modern digital cameras make it possible to record videos by changing modes. As most cameras work in a very similar way, it's actually fairly easy to record a video even if you've lost the instruction manuals for your own camera.

Step 1: Finding Instructions Online

One option would be to search for the instructions on the Internet. Most camera manufacturers will upload their cameras instruction manuals to the Internet. These are normally in PDF format, which means you will need to download the Adobe PDF reader or FoxIt reader. Visit your camera manufacturers website and search for your camera model.

Step 2: Camera Mode

Most cameras have a mode selection wheel on the top. This should feature a picture of a video camera. In this case, simply turn the wheel until the pointer is selecting the Video Camera.

If your camera does not have a selection wheel, then you will need to change the settings in the menu. Press the menu button of your camera and change the shooting mode to video.

Step 3: Shooting Video

Once you have changed the options, start shooting the video by pointing the camera and then pressing the shutter. Once you have done enough recording, you should then press the shutter again to stop recording.