Digital Camera Instructions: How to Playback a Video Recorded

Every digital camera is different but if you lost your digital camera instructions, here's a quick guide that will help you playback a recorded video. Most consumer cameras have three settings for operation. Those are 'photo camera', 'video camera' and 'playback'. To view your photos and video, turn the camera on and flick the switch to 'playback'.

Playing Back a Video Recorded

Since each camera is different, your videos will either be lumped in with the photo thumbnails (the only distinction would be some kind of logo over the video thumbnail) or the photos and video will be separated from each other. A button or icon on a touch screen will let you go back and forth between photos and video.

Some cameras come with a/v ports that allow the camera to be plugged into a TV or monitor where the video can be played back. 

To retrieve your videos from your camera, connect the camera to the computer via USB or firewire and follow the simple instructions. The video should be recorded in a format like AVI or MOV, where you can just copy the file and use software you already have to view it.

Although this is very general, this should show you the basic steps to playback video that you record on your camera.

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