Digital Camera Instructions: How to Download a Video to Your Computer

Today's digital cameras can shoot video that's the same quality as a camcorder. Here are some general digital camera instructions that will help you download your videos from your camera to your computer, where you can upload them online to share with friends or edit them together into a movie (with a video editing software program). 

Connect Your Camera

Connect the camera to your computer and turn it on. If you're camera came with software, then it will automatically start up when the computer recognizes the camera. Use this to navigate around your files to find the video you wish to download.

If for some reason you do not have software, the computer will still recognize the camera and treat it as an external hard drive. You can navigate through the camera just as you would with other files.

The camera's videos will either be in the MOV or AVI format which can most likely be read by your computer without the need to buy third party software. When you find the files you want, simply drag them into the file on your computer you wish to download them to.

Editing Software

Programs like iMovie can be used to transfer your video files from your camera. If the video is already on your hard drive, you can import them into your editing program by choosing 'file'->import. 

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