Digital Camera Instructions: How to Change the Sharpness

As a photographer, you want the best looking image that is possible. Here are some basic digital camera instructions that will help you change your camera's sharpness, while still allowing you to continue taking great pictures.

Sharpness Settings

Your sharpness settings can be adjusted by changing your camera's resolution. All camera's are different, but the concept is relatively the same. Every digital image is comprised of pixels. Pixels are very small squares that are comprised of a solid color. It's the combination of the colors in these squares that make up the images you see. An images resolution is measured by how many pixels are in it. The more pixels, the sharper the image.

As a photographer your goal is to shoot sharp images. However, your settings allow the pixel concentration to be a lot more than you really need. The setting 'fine' is probably fine and you could use that instead of 'super fine' without seeing a decline in quality. Generally, you need those high, super resolutions if you're going to be displaying the photo on a large medium like a billboard. If you're shooting photos to share on the Internet, you don't need a high resolution.

You change the sharpness of an image by changing the resolution.

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