Digital Camera Instructions: Flash Mode Symbols Explained

Digital camera instructions all use fancy symbols; some are pretty straight forward and others look like some ancient hieroglyphs. Taking time to research your cameras own symbols can be useful; if you do not have the manual, it is possible to download the manual from the manufacturers website. Many SLR cameras will have automatic settings, usually defined by a rectangle on the settings dial.

Flash Symbols

Most of the common flash settings are portrait, landscape, close up, sports and night. You can also turn off the flash. Landscapes and sports are two different events that contrast sharply. One has lots of quick moments that you need to be able to capture, and the other might require different lighting. Portrait and close up settings dim the flash a little. Night setting will increase the length and strength of the flash. If your outside on a bright day, turning the flash off could be just what you need. Make sure you reference the manual that came with your camera for specifics.

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