Digital Camera Focus Mode: Spot Focus

Spot focus is a focus mode that can be achieved when shooting. However, the process of spot focus is tricky and time consuming to create. The effect can easily be reproduced in digital photo editing programs like Photoshop. Besides saving you time, recreating this effect in a computer program also gives you greater control over what is in focus and how blurry the rest of the image is.

Understanding Spot Focus

What spot focus does is it keeps part of the image in focus while making the rest blurry. Some cameras have a function mode that easily sets this up while other's don't. To manually recreate this, you need to take the camera out of auto focus, and adjust your lighting and aperture to create a depth of field that is very narrow.

Cameras that do have spot focus mode do allow you to adjust the "spot". However, there are lot of factors that go into what the camera automatically thinks is the "spot," such as the distance and contrast caused by the lighting. You might feel more comfortable shooting the image as you normally would, and then play with it in a photo editing program where you have greater control of what stays in focus and what becomes blurry. 

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