Digital Camera Focus Mode: Multi Area Focus

Most digital cameras come with a variety of focus modes that a user can easily use to quickly achieve the focus effect they desire. One of those functions is multi area function. It works by the the camera automatically focusing on multiple points in an image. While this can make a very interesting effect with multiple objects popping out of the image, it is dependent on the auto focus system of the camera and is less accurate than single area focus.

Understanding Multi Area Focus

Since the focus is on multiple areas of lighting, it is more important with this focus mode than with others. This is because passive auto focus modes use contrast to determine what will be in focus instead of distance. A poorly lit image makes it hard for the camera to differentiate from the background and the subjects. There should also be contrast in color as well, or one of the subjects you want to focus on will be left in a blur.

Because multi area focus is dependent on contrast and is automatically determined by the camera, most photographers choose not to use it because they find themselves often fighting with the camera, trying to keep their object looking sharp. However, if working properly, it can create some interesting effects.

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