Deciding When to Change a Lens

Changing a lens on a shoot and moving your camera takes a lot more time than simply zooming in for your shot. So why do we make the effort to change our lens and sometimes adjust our f-stop along with our light? The answer is depth of field.

Depth of field is a fancy term for focus. When learning about camera focus you have to realize that there is no abrupt line in your frame that marks the difference between in focus and out of focus. It's a gradual change. The area that is in focus is the depth of field. 

Instead of using a zoom lens or constantly moving your camera, you change the lens in order to have control over the depth of field. Let's say you're shooting a family eating dinner in a large restaurant. Part of the reasoning that goes into selecting which lens you're going to use is going to be how you want depth of field to be to your advantage.

Do you want the family and table in sharp focus and everyone else blurred? Or do you want to be able to see the people immediately behind them sharply? It's up to you but what is going to achieve the effect you want is your lens selection and that's why we need to change them.

Popular Lenses: