Cost Effectiveness of a WiFi Memory Card

Before you purchase a wifi memory card for your digital camera, it's important to consider the cost effectiveness. Optimally, a digital camera wifi memory card works by uploading your photos to your computer or photo service automatically. Also optimally, the uploading of your photos would happen immediately after they are taken, which would mean endless storage on your card and instant viewing of your photographs.

What Makes a Wifi Memory Card Cost Effective?

It makes sense to purchase a wifi memory card for your digital camera if the card works to its optimum capability. In this case, you end up with a card that is virtually endless in terms of storage. It's also cost effective if it is saving you time in terms of no waiting time to view your photos online or on your computer, and no wasted time hooking up the camera and waiting for the upload to occur.

When a Wifi Memory Card Is Not Cost Effective

With the price of the digital camera, a wifi memory card in the $65 to $120 price range it is not cost effective if it is not doing automatic uploading. Unless the wifi memory card is able to find the Internet fairly easily and work to its capacity, it is not cost effective.

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