Choosing Optimal Shutter Speed for Night Shots

It can be difficult to capture good photography shots at night. For successful night photography, you will need a camera that allows you to keep the shutter open for a longer period of time.

Digital Cameras

If you are serious about the prospect of night photography, you will want o invest in a camera that has the longest shutter speed. While it may be costly, it will be worth it in the long run. For an image to be captured at night, the shutter must be open long enough for light to enter into the sensor. Be sure that your camera has full manual mode so that you can choose the shutter speed. If it does not have it, you may want to invest in another camera. If you are not able to choose the shutter speed, the camera will choose it for you, leaving room for error.

Read the Manual

While most cameras have basically the same functions, some cameras have special features which allow you to tweak the camera to your needs. Read the owner's manual to get more information on night exposure and the use of long shutter speed to caputure night shots.

Be sure to practice at all times of night. You never know when you may get that perfect shot.

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