Charging the Battery of Your Digital Camera

Charging the battery of your digital camera is top priority for anyone who owns a digital camera. One  of the worst feelings as a photographer is having your battery die. If you don't have a spare then you are shut down for a little while as you wait for the one you have to charge. But if you develop good battery charging habits then these bad feelings will become a thing of the past.

Spare Batteries

If you are serious about photography then you should investment in a spare battery. They are relatively inexpensive and there is nothing negative about having one on hand. If you're thinking about going pro then you need a spare battery in your equipment, or you willl look like a fool when the one you have runs out and you need to shut down.

Charging the Batteries

Get in the habit of always charging your batteries when you get home from a day of shooting. That way you always have two full batteries on hand. To preserve the life of your batteries you should keep an eye on them when they're charging. As soon as you know they're full you should remove them from the charger. Leaving a battery plugged into the wall when it is fully charged decreases the battery's life and makes them less efficient.

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