Changing the Memory Card Chip in Your Camera

Almost all digital cameras use a memory card to store photos on. A memory card is a special type of computer disk which uses flash memory. The card fits inside the camera and is hidden from view. These memory card chips are then used to store photos and can also be read by computers. The advantage of a memory card is that they are removable. You can easily remove the card and replace it with one which has a larger capacity.

Step 1: Removing the Memory Card

First, you need to remove the old memory card from your camera. This is generally very easy to do. Simply open the memory card access hatch, and then press down on the memory card. This will normally pop the card out, which then makes it easy to remove it.

Step 2: Replacement Memory Card

There are a few different types of memory cards available, and it's important that you check you're choosing the right one for your camera. Most compact digital cameras now use SD cards, which are slightly larger than a postage stamp. Digital SLR cameras might use Compact Flash cards. Certain brands of camera have their own formats, including Sony who uses MemoryStick Duo cards.

Step 3: Adding the New Memory Card Chip

Now the new memory card can easily be added into the camera. Simply push the card into the slot and press it inside to lock it in place. Close the door on the camera and turn it on. Now you should be able to take more photos than you could before.