Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Pentax Screw Mount 42mm

Canon lens adapters can be used to change the types of lenses that you can use on your camera. All camera manufacturers have different types of lens mounts or fittings which they use on their cameras. These are changed occasionally when new features are added. Almost all modern SLR cameras produced by Canon use the EOS mount; this allows electrical connections for auto focus lenses.

If you want to use a different type of lens on your camera, then you are normally out of luck. However, there are actually a number of adaptors which accommodate different types of lenses. If you want to use a Pentax Screw mount 42 mm lens, then there is an adaptor for that.

What It Is

The Pentax screw mount 42mm canon lens adaptor allows you to fit a Pentax lens onto your camera easily. The adaptor is completely black, which prevents any deterioration of the quality of the photograph. A ridge is used to adjust the lens to the correct aperture even if it does not support auto focus.

Using the Adaptor

The adaptor is very easy to use and is made of high quality materials. The adaptor is locked into the EOS mount in exactly the same way as a standard lens. Then, the Pentax lens can simply be screwed into the adaptor using the standard thread.

The adaptor is made in such a way that it won't loosen over time. It's also made of high quality materials to minimize the risk of cross threading.