Canon Lens Adapters (EOS): Pentax K Lens

If you have just bought a new Canon SLR digital camera then you might find that Canon lens adapters can save you a fortune. The problem with new cameras is that they often require new lenses. Even if you owned an older SLR camera from Canon it is unlikely these will fit the new EOS mount without an adapter.

Camera lens adapters can be used to convert not only different Canon lenses to the EOS mount but also different manufacturers. These make it possible to use Pentax K lenses without needing to buy lots of new lenses. This means that you can reuse your favorite lens or simply save some money.


This Pentax K lens adapter is not compatible with all EOS mounts. It is only compatible with EOS EF-S mounts. This means that it cannot be used with Film EOS cameras or large format digital cameras. It is suitable for most of the popular consumer models though.


These lens adapters do not have any glass elements which means they do not affect the quality of the photograph. They simply work as a pass through connection and do so seamlessly. The inside is painted black to prevent any reflections which could damage the photos.


These adapters are very easy to use. It's simply a matter of connecting it to the lens and then connecting the adapter to your camera. These should only take seconds to use and last for a very long time.